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Here are some members of the Tree of Life home team who are now working on other projects:

Danny Mandel portraitDanny Mandel

Lead Programmer, 2003-2007.

Lisa Schwartz portrait Lisa Schwartz

Editor/coordinator of learning materials, 2004-2007

Chris Schmidt portrait Chris Schmidt

Graduate assistant for the Hexapoda branch & Learning Materials, 2004-2007

Travis Wheeler portrait Travis Wheeler

Lead programmer for conversion of the project into a database-driven system, 2000-2003

Rylan Higgins portraitRylan Higgins

Research Assistant (Learning Materials), 2004-2005.

Kathryn Orzech portrait Kathryn Orzech

Graduate Research Assistant (Learning Materials), 2005-2006

Jeremy Frumkin portrait Jeremy Frumkin

Librarian, 2000-2003

Rajesh Roy portraitRajesh Roy

Student Programmer, 2002-2003

Bala Krishnan portraitBalamurugan Krishnan

Student Programmer, 2001-2002

Arunesh Gupta portraitArunesh Gupta

Student Programmer, 2001-2002

Tarun Mehra portraitTarun Mehra

Student Programmer, 2001-2002

Sumit Choraria portraitSumit Choraria

Student Worker, Data Entry, August-December 2001

picture of Armaity BilimoriaArmaity M. Bilimoria

Student Programmer, January-May 2001

picture of Gene HallW. Gene Hall

Technical Assistant, 1996-1998


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