Setting Your Preferences

Here are a few simple options that allow visitors to modify the content and appearance of ToL pages. The current implementation of these customization features is just a prototype for a more complete toolset we have planned for the future. For a more detailed discussion of ToL customization features, please refer to this page: Customizing Your View of the Tree of Life .

Please note that ToL customization will work only if you have cookies enabled in your browser. Most browsers install with cookies enabled, so you should be fine unless you have actively disabled cookies in your browser's preferences.

Here are the customization options that are currently available. Select the ones you would like to use, and then hit the Submit Preferences button below.

Show glossary entries on ToL pages
    When the glossary function is activated, words contained in the glossary list are highlighted on ToL pages, and definitions are displayed when the visitor moves the mouse over a highlighted word. Tell me more about this feature
Include random pictures section on ToL pages
    Default versions of ToL pages usually include only a few carefully chosen pictures to represent the diversity of forms within a group. If you would like to see more pictures, you can use this option to add a section to each ToL page containig a random sampling of pictures from the pages of subgroups. Tell me more about this feature
Show Information on the Internet section near top of ToL pages
    Visitors who want to use the ToL web site primarily as a portal to other sites that provide information about different groups of organisms can use this option to move the weblinks section to a more convenient spot higher up on each ToL page. Tell me more about this feature
Show only taxon lists on ToL pages
    Tree diagrams are an important part of the ToL navigation system, but the image maps we use for these diagrams are not ideally suited for the presentation of information to non-graphical browsers. For people who have difficulties using image map links, we provide the option to navigate the ToL via simple indentend taxon lists. Tell me more about this feature

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